christos lamprianidis
The designer’s vision is to create comfortable jewelry with high luxury and always working with passion for new designs. In addition, an emotional connection exists, which engages the person and the unique jewelry.

Christos Lamprianidis’s work has roots in his memorable life experiences, which are linked to his passion for art and pure expression.

He was raised in a small city in northern Greece, although from a young age he was already a free spirit, so he started traveling to find his destination. In one of his trips to Mykonos, he met a woman on a heavenly beach, discovering something that would change his life. Looking at her, he first realized his interest in creating jewelries, which later turned into love and desire to create his own pieces.


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As his love for creation was growning, Lamprianidis tried to discover different cultures and ideas through his travels, in different parts of the world such as India, Turkey, Morocco and Europe, where he had his first contact with art, colors and various traditions of people. Inspired by his experiences, he made his first handcrafted jewelry. His inspiration comes from his world around him. His creations were influenced by his exceptional style and the unusual materials he used: he acquired the habit of collecting items and rare stones from the places he has visited.

SOUL22, was first appeared in 2012, by the designer and founder Christos Lamprianidis. Soul has a double meaning.
Every piece of jewelry has a story to “tell”, so it’s a jewelry with a soul. Soul is translated as the unique story of every single piece, so through this way he creates his masterpieces. For him, 22 is his lucky number because it represents the good luck and positive energy. These values are very powerful and significant, giving him the inspiration to continue the creation of his own jewelries.

The number 22 it’s not randomly chosen but it has a secret meaning. This selection is unique because it consists of two lineups and this makes it very strong, it has the power of completion major artistic expression. The number 22 is a very strong figure, which symbolizes faith, idealism, visions of originality. It is presented as the number of charity, morality, friendship and spirituality.

His motto is "the most truthful after all, is to share the art with your soul."


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